Dorothy Tully with Patty Hayes, physical therapist assistant

When a stroke robbed Dorothy Tully of her independence, it was rehabilitation at Lynchburg Nursing Center to the rescue.


Tully came to the skilled nursing and rehab center on July 18, 2019, requiring extensive assistance for all her mobility and activities of daily living, including grooming tasks, bathing, getting dressed and feeding herself.


Five days a week, Tully took part in physical and occupational therapies. The therapists used neuro reeducation and taught her how to use adaptive equipment to help her complete self-care skills. They also helped her work on a crochet project to practice her fine motor skills. As she neared the end of her rehab program, she cooked a complete meal, and therapists did a home evaluation with her to ensure she was ready to go home.


When Tully returned home on Oct. 25, she was independent once again.


“Lynchburg Nursing Center’s staff is the best,” Tully said. “The therapists worked very hard to get me back to where I want to be [functionally] and back home.”